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Most doctors don't have a clue on how to taper off of opiates. Dropping a whole pill all at once will almost guarantee withdrawals. You have to take it slow. 10-20% a week or every few days is sort of the rule of thumb. The closer you get to zero (cold turkey) the slower you have to go by increasing the days before the next drop.

I suffered unbelievable withdrawals because I didn't know better and didn't listen to the people on this forum and tried to drop faster. I was in withdrawals for 2 months before I went cold turkey. He will have to cut pills in pieces to estimate a 10% drop and some people here have been down to pieces and crumbles before they went cold turkey.

There are other treatments available which use suboxone, which nullifies the withdrawals and if taken properly and tapered off of (just like tapering off of the opiates) can make a smooth recovery.

Withdrawals are nasty and I never want to go through that process ever again. If done right, the withdrawals can be minimized. This is the right place to ask questions and get help.

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