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Hello, this is my first post on a forum of any type. I have been reading some of your trials with vicodin withdrawl and I must say it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone or going through something not normal. Actually it isn't normal because we wouldn't have gotten hooked on the stuff if we realized how devastating the withdrawls are.
So, thank all of you for your posts.

I'm beginning week # 4 tomorrow 10/27/09. I still have mild diarrea, severe but short lived headaches, nausea and occasional vomitting. I have restless leg and it has manifested itself tremendously since I quit. Most of the body aches are finally gone. But they were very bad two nights ago. The insomnia is still here but that's another story of addiction to add insult to injury. Unpleasant feelings come and go more with less frquency than week # 1 but sometimes they are just as intense. I thought I had more problems than normal until reading some of your posts. This forum media may be more theraputic than we think.

My daily habit for 8 years was 2-4, 7.25/500 hydrocodone a day. Normally it was 2-3. But the real problem I believe is the 8 years. It has been more emotionaly challenging to quit than I had thought.
I will post more later, but I wanted to begin and join the group. Hope I can help some of you. I have other addictions so I have all kinds of empathy, sympathy and first hand knowledge.

Happy Trails all, "wannabehappy"
Dear Digmusic, I'm happy that we have yet another person in our little discussion group.

As for the long withdrawl from vicodin. I can only speak for myself. Here is another version of my story.

I was on vicodin for 8 years. I first began using vicodin as a way to deal with the pains of open heart surgery. My daily doagse was 2-3 sometimes 4-5 750/500 mg each tablets. I pretty much averaged 2.5 per day. The bottle said said I could take 1-2 vicodin up to 4 times per day. So I figured I was well under the overdose threshold. The trouble I first began noticing was that my energy level was low and my restless leg syndrome began bothering me during the day whenever I skipped or took a low dose.

The Doctor said, opiates are an effective way to treat RLS. He also said he would prescribe the vicodin on a regular basis in order for me to keep my RLS under control. I though, well; way cool! I can get a daily energy boost and keep my RLS under control. It seems that effective drugs for RLS such as Requip didn't come out for another 2-3 years. And yes they (rls drugs) are very effective with the exception that requip makes me lethargic and sleepy. That's O.K. and even welcomed at night, but if you've got daytime attacks of RLS you gotta have the vicodin as well. I have RLS throughout my extremities and my upper back. It is an extremely annoying sensation and it can become even painful at times. But RLS in itself is a whole new forum topic.

So, back to my addiction (s). After the Dr. basicly blessed my continued and daily use, and sense I got a double benefit (energy and relief) out of the stuff I felt that everything was very good in wannabehappy's world.
I began to feel another benefit. If I took the vicodin on an empty stomach I could manage to get some slight euphoria as well. Wow! what a drug! This is heaven. And it's all legal, justified and prescribed.

Let's rewind or fast forward however you look at this time line; to just 5 months ago. I am a Viet Nam vet who is being treated for PTSD. I'm in a group with other Vets and I get benefits both monetary and medical (for the past 2 years) from the V.A. The V.A. has been very, very good to me in the past 3 years. Prior to that, back in the 70's when I tried to get some help the V.A. wanted no part of us (Viet Nam Vets). Things have changed tremendously for the better. My only problem with the V.A. is they will prescribe drugs too easily! More vicodin and a new source! And a new reassurance that it's O.K. for me to take it daily. Again, Legal, justified and prescribed.

One day I'm looking at my little plastic tool chest full of drugs. Drugs for depression, anxiety, blood pressure, vicodin, allergies, sleep, etc. etc. I'm also looking at my empty booze bottles all over the place.

About 5 months ago I truly believe God said: "When are you gonna get a clue?" "You don't need all of this poison in your life".

So, I don't have time to go in to the side effects of anti depressants, booze, anti anxiety pills, sleep pills, etc., etc. But I just stared at the little tool box overpacked with pills. I guess God got through to me and I decided to begin the weaning process. I began with the anti depressants, then the anti anxiety, then other stuff. One day I decided to knock off the booze and the vicodin. I tried to wean myself far too quickly off of everything, but I was able to stay clean from everythijng except the booze. The booze has been the toughest, but I'm fiinally over that hurdle as well.

I'm trying to get back in to excercise but I also have some lung and breathihing issues. So that is another challenge that I face. I know that many of my health issues are form Agent Orange exposure and others are self inflicted from abuse to myself. But, that goes full cirlce back to the PTSD issue.

I'm going to sign off for now because this has been such a long post. Soon I will write back about my thoughts on the longevity of vicodin withdrawl since I'm not the only one who has taken 6-7 weeks to recover according to testomonials on this forum.
Thanks for listening,Wannabehappy

So, my little tool box is now beginning to refill but it's mostly supplements and vitamins.

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