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Hello, Callie79.

Congratulations back to you for getting in to week # 4. I'm on week # 6 now and it is finally getting to feel like I'm going to return to normalcy very soon. In fact, with the exception of some insomnia it is pretty much over.

Week # 4 was a tough one for me becuase I thought, "Well this has been long enough! Why am I still having these roller coaster withdrawls?"

I'd have 2 O.k. days that weren't too annoying and then, Bam! I felt like week # 2 again for a day.

Vicodin is some very powerful stuff. I had mild hallucinations for a couple
of hours early last week. (that was the beginning of week # 5) I don't know where that came from. Well, yes I do; it came from some traces of the poison Vicodin still screaming to stay in my mind and body.

If you have read my posts to PainsofXavier I suggested warm baths. They really work. Short term but they work. Sipping hot herbal tea is a new fad of mine that helps as well. PainsofXavior and Denon both agreed about the baths.

Go turn it on, get in and relax. Tell me later how it feels afterwards. It really works. After you have relaxed and you begin to "Fidgit" start occupying yourself with something you like or need to do. Writing on this forum is a huge help to me as well as doing some chores around my home that I've let slide. Do little positive things to help yourself be better at something. Get better at your hobby, academic interests, do some overtime play with your pet(s) or children in your life. Perhaps make a seniors life a little easier and enjoyable. Helping others really helps me. But that's true for most people.

That's why I'm so long winded on these posts. I'm helping myself and hoping that something I write will stick on you and helps.

One last thing. Have you noticed a phenomonen that time seems to be moving slower now that your off the Vicodin?

Be strong and be good to yourself. Go take a bath. Shop for a rubber duck and an inflatable bath pillow tomorrow. Wannabehappy

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