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Welcome! GOOD FOR YOU! I am so sorry you feel so crummy though! Been there and done that and I feel so much sympathy for anyone going thru it. I had such a hard time with not being able to sleep and then having to get up every darn day for work... I was a train wreck.

Sleeping.... Hot baths before bed to calm the legs and body.. As hot as you can stand them. Throw in some epsom salt too for good measure.. It's good for the muscles. Then, my Dr. at first gave me 10 xanax to try to help with the anxiety and sleep. it didn't do much but it helped a bit. Otherwise, I used unisom, any other over the counter sleep med. I usually doubled the dose to even come close to making me sleep. (not sure if that is safe) And usually I only slept for short intervals.. It was so frusterating. I then would get up and take a middle of the night bath... If you have a hot tub or anything like that.. UTILIZE IT. I would have killed for one thru it all but no luck I made due without it.

In the morning when it was time for work.... I would drink coffee to try and get me going... I was exhausted the whole time. I cried a lot but got thru it and I was and am still proud of how far I went.

Granted I am taking meds now for a knee injury but have come to the conclusion that it hurts while I take the meds anyways so I am trying to take the least amount possible because I know what a demon this can turn into and I can't go thru that again... I just can't.

POST as much as you can.. That helped me and still does. I hope some of this information helped you.. Ask any others questions you have and we will do our bests to help :wave:

Take care and God bless!

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