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Mylan patches
Nov 7, 2009
I just started the patch, 50 mcg..and I stopped my norco..I cannot believe this Mylan patch is working...I stopped my norcos to get on the patch. My pupils are huge and I feel like I am in serious withdrawal. I used the patch before and it completely took away any withdrawal from norcos or oxi's. The other patch was the kind with the reservoir in it though. It sure seems to make a big difference as far as I am concerned because I am still needing to take my norcos but have to make myself NOT take as many as I was (9 a day)...or 6-8 15 mg. oxi's. I don't understand this but these little Mylan patches really seem worthless for now...5 days now?? Any comments?? Thanks folks, I used to talk on here 2 years ago getting off of methadone and no meds for 9 mos. but then....PAIN for all that time, couldn't handle it.

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