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Sounds to me like someone is not telling the truth. A baby will NOT have withdrawals cause someone took pain meds for 3 days. I took percocet off and on during my last pregnancy (scripted by OB) for the severe stomach pain I was having. And I took it off and on during my whole preganacy, especially in the last few days, and my daughter had absoutly no withdrawals. I would maybe do a hair follical test to see what exactly she was or wasnt taking to cause withdrawals in the infant, but of course you cant force someone to take this test, but tell her that it would help with getting the socail services off her back and pay out of pocket, its a bit spendy but well worth it and get the hair test done as it can go back quite a ways and hair doesnt lie.

But then again, I'm not a doctor, but this is just my personal expereince. Good luck.

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