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Mel is right about the tapering slowly. You won't notice it as much. That is with opiates. However, benzos are a little different. I am not sure how effective tapering is with them but I imagine it is sort of the same thing. You might have to substitute something else for sleep. I really am not qualified to advise on it but I am tapering down on roxicodones and doing it very slowly as I can not take withdrawls. This board has had some great people for me to talk to and cry to and whatever else. It hasn't been easy. A couple times I ran out of meds and had to be sort of cold turkey for a couple days. That was the worse time of my life. I don't recomend it. If you come off the meds, is your quality of life gonna be better or worse. This is the question u have to ask yourself. Are u abusing and taking more than prescribed? If you are taking them exactly as supposed to under a doctor's care there is usually a reason you are on them. Before you go telling him u are addicted, you need to ask yourself these questions. I have known some docs who are so scared of the DEA that once you say "addiction" and they put it in your chart, it is like pulling teeth to get anything ever again. I do believe there is a difference between a full blown addict and someone who is just physically dependent on meds. It is impossible not to expect to become physically dependent on something if you take it everyday for years. I am a chronic pain patient and I am doing it myself to see how much is pain and how much is withdrawl pain. I was taking 4 pills a day (as prescribed) but found it not working as well and my tolerance building up. I also noticed that my body would need a pill before it was time to take one or before my pain level was ready for one. I am down to 2.5 pills a day (like I said a slow taper) and am going to go down as far as I can go to see if I can come off or stay at a lower dose. Addiction (physical dependence) sneaks up on you before you realize it. Docs don't tell u this though. However, you must establish a line between quality vs. quantity of life. Meaning, is it going to be worse without the meds? Unbearable, etc....... It is definitely a hard row to hoe. You have many people on this board who are more than willing to give you their stories and what worked and didn't work with them. Good luck to you and come back on here and let us know how u are doing.

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