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Hi - I hope you're doing OK. You should be proud of yourself for telling the doctor everything - that's a big step!

I can totally relate to what you're going through, 'cause I'm in the same boat. Very similar situation - began taking percocet for legitimate pain - but the amount increased over the years, not because of increasing pain, but because I liked how they made me feel. (I've been taking perc for almost 15 yrs! and oxycontin too for the last 5 or so.) I feel like such a low-life going into the pharmacy to refill my scripts so often. My family knows I take them, but have no idea how much. They would be horrified! My husband is the only other person who knows the amount - he thinks I take them only for the pain.

It used to be when I took the pills, I felt happy and full of energy. But now I rarely get the euphoric feeling, and forget the energy. It seems I to nothing some days. I feel like I'm wasting my life away.

I started posting on this site about a week ago. I know I have to stop - I want to be done with the pills!! I've had lots of encouragement here. With their help, I've made a plan to taper - very slowly - 'cause I don't want to make this any harder on myself. But I'm scared too - I wish this was all over with!! How am I going to live my life without pain meds?! It's been so long! The psychological component of quitting is going to be the hardest part for me, I think. I've been dependent soooooo long.

I've started tapering - well, not really 'cause I'm maintaining the same amount - but I feel like it's a small victory to not have increased at all over the Thanksgiving holiday. Now I plan to decrease very slowly till after Christmas and New Year's Eve.

I hope you[re doing ok. I don't feel qualified to give you any advice 'cause I'm in the same boat, but I'm thinking about you! Let us know how you are making out.

P.S. What is tramadol?

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