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I am addicted to opiates. I start with that because it seems to be the single most important thing in my life. I am also 25 years old and a mother of 3 with another due in July and recently married to the love of my life who happens to be the kindest most understanding sensitive but a$$ kicking motivated man Ive ever been with. Im not going to tell you how I got addicted because its pretty obvious but I will tell you that its been the better part of 4 years that I've been on Opiates. I recently became a client at the suboxone clinic which was going great until i failed miserably because....You guessed it, I'm an addict. I smoke pot for my anxiety, it helps me sleep. Also, I was in the hospital on 2 separate occasions last month due to Severe vomiting, stomach pain, fever and chills. They had me on 3 different narcotics while admitted for pain management and then gave me a prescription for percocet (YAY) when I Left. So I did what any other opiate junkie would do and I filled it, quit the suboxone and am now back on pills. I failed to tell my nurse/ counselor at the program what happened because as an addict, I didnt think she would believe me. So at my appt last week, I brought in my hospital records from my stays during those 2 times and showed her that I wasnt using, It was a legitimate issue tended to by medical professionals and then I told her I was pregnant. At which time she pointed out to me that A. I failed my tox screen, B. My THC level also was higher than the last time (tsk tsk) and C. that Dr. Suboxone Guy does not prescribe to pregnant women. So then they refer me to one of their other doctors at a different office who, BIG SURPRISE never calls me back. So, now I am at wits end, buying suboxone off the street to try to stay clean and stave the withdrawals from all the other pills I have been buying ( OC, PERC, DILAUDID). Soooooo, my questions are these: WHAT CAN I DO? WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHO SHOULD I GO TO? I live in NH and my PCP nor my OB know I am an addict. as a matter of fact, I got REALLY addicted when my PCP put me on a pain mgmt contract because I DO actually have chronic back pain which is another WHOLE FN story. I'll deal with that after I get clean. Thanks to everyone who looks at this or responds with helpful advice or information. God Bless You.

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