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sorry if i came off as judging you cause i'm not...i was in the same situation and i know your thinking how can i know what your going thru right? well i am also bipolar,manic depressive have severe anxiety and had PTSD at that time bad cause i was just car jacked and he punched me...when i got pregnant i was on lamictal for the bipolar, lexapro for the depression and anxiety, and valium for the anxiety and to help me sleep cause of nightmares..i was also taking percocet...i had to stop all the meds especially the lamictal cause it can cause problems with the unborn baby...and you know how it is being off your meds if your bipolar i was almost commited twice cause of my mental state which was horrible cause i was going thru withdrawals and the lovely mood changes having bad manic highs and i was not attacking your intelligence at all...but it is a fact that these meds pass to your baby and thats what made me stop...i was looked down on since you can't do the rehab thing your other choices are either stop cold turkey and that depends on how much your taking now or taper down but start doing it now...maybe you could talk to your pcp about whats going on and maybe he or she will help you...but i think it could be possible also that if you tell your pcp whats going on they might just baker act you cause they will feel your harming your baby and i know you don't want that to happen...its happened to me and it sucks trust thats a tough one...i know how doctors can be so you would have to be sure you can go to your pcp with this and not risk being baker suggestion is to either just go cold turkey and go thru the withdrawals which will end thats the way i did it...or just taper off...but to get help on here everyone needs to know how much you are taking right now and then someone can give you advice on how to taper down from that cause i'm not sure how to do the taper thing cause i went cold turkey...but i know alot of people on here do know how and will be more then happy to help you...i wish you all the best and i'm sorry that i came off that way

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