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Hello Everyone;
I've been hovering around the board, reading and replied to one person so far. I'm at day 6 off Norco, 7.5, 2x/day (which was actually 3-4 a day I couldn't keep it at the dosage) and I used to post here long ago. Bad relapse this time. But I'm getting thru it. I was very very sick yesterday all the stomach issues, etc and horrible anxiety but I'm doing a bit better now. My question is, how long am I gonna feel like this? I hope everyone is doing o.k. This will be my first clean and sober New Year's in a year. But it feels good. I don't want to go thru it anymore....I've had enough. I feel chained to a pill to get thru the day or any event. I'm only happy when I take them and I hope once my head gets out of the fog this will change. I started going to meetings and that seems to help. Secrets, if you are reading this, I hope you respond! How are you doing. Well, hope everyone is well...

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