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I am a recovering heroin addict, though I have been addicted to many substances over the years, that was the ultimate. I drink occasionally now, but I rarely get drunk, though I would like to cut that out as well without going to AA because I hate AA. I don't do any other drugs. My boyfriend smokes pot a few times a week, more when he's around certain friends. If we're hanging out a night alone, more often he won't do it, but occasionally he'll have a puff or two. He drinks as well, not to the point of excessive drunkenness but he'll usually have a beer after work and a few when he goes out on the weekends or to a party or whatever.

What is your take on being a "recovering addict" and dating someone who smokes pot? He doesn't seem to be addicted to anything cause he can leave it without it bothering him, it's just something he chooses to do. I don't want to date someone in AA, I want to date him, but my other recovering friends seem to think he is bad news from what I've told them. What do you think?

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