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Hi again Thatmonk. Fentanyl is quite powerful. I would talk to doctors to see your best course of action. I will sum up my experience, which I know you read in another thread. I had a mild addiction to oxy/hydro in cycles for 10 years. I would normally take 40-60mgs a day when using, only 10mgs each time. I had enough, went to medical detox at my hospital and was given suboxone on Tuesday Dec 29. I started at 6mgs for 2 days, went down to 4mgs for 3 days. I came home on Saturday, January 2. I took 3 mgs until Monday, January 4th. My last dose was at 5:22pm. I was fine unitil Thursday evening and definitely had wds start to hit. Yes, they were milder but ther wer very present. It is now Monday the 11th and will be starting my 8th day this afternoon. I honestly feel quite a bit better. I am not anywhere near 100 or even 75 percent, but the heebie jeebies has stopped and my mental outlook is good as I wanted off pills period. I have no cravings and now I will work on my mental state and change of life to better my health.

I am so glad I did the suboxone. Yes, it will prolong the Wds because it has a 3x longer half life than oxy or hydro. So what I have gathered is that it takes 3x longer to get through the withdrawals, but they are milder, but still present. The half life is why it took so long for the wds to hit. So what I am doing now is taking how many hours I been clean and dividing it by 3. I feel that number tells me what I would be at if I had just withdrawn from oxy or hydro alone. So for me, it had been 170 hours so I translate that to 51ish hours. But again, the withdrawals were much more mild than if I hadn't used the suboxone. I have actually been able to sleep. I have NEVER done that when withdrawaling from opiates.

Please talk to your doctor as Fentanyl maybe a horse of a different color. But this was my experience and I look foward to going without pills and enjoy life and the things I missed

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