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Hello all, I am new to this forum and I need some advice. Here's my story.

First let me start by saying that I am a recovering methamphetamine addict. I was hooked for years and one day I got sick and tired of being sick and tired so I quit cold turkey. It was hard, rough, the withdrawls were something I will never forget but it has been 14 years! Time flies by and if I ever did anything right in my life, it was getting off drugs! Now I have a family member that needs help and although I do a lot of research and I realize everyone suffers withdrawls differently, I find myself a little lost.

My loved one was addicted to pain pills which led to heroine. Boy was that rough! I got him into the Methadone maintenance program and he of course promised he would be off real soon which didn't happen. It has been just about 5 years and yes, he has managed this last year to taper down now to 15mg recently a few days ago. It has been a slow taper. I believe he was up to 125 mg. He is also feeling what he says is withdrawls now. Back aches and can't sleep and mood swings with a bit of depression. I honestly thought tapering would take away withdrawls but I guess I am wrong.

We have discussed Seboxone numerous times since the program he is on says this drug takes you off methadone completely and it is a fast taper. In my research this evening I have found out this isn't true and a few places I called said that Methadone doc's and Sub doc's are one in the same. They try to keep you addicted for the money.

Here's the BIG problem now. I lost my job last week and I am the only one working. I pay 98.00 a week for his methadone and I have no more money. I got him into a psychiatrist today and explained his whole history including the methadone. She ignored the methadone and prescribed him Cybalta for depression. She, as a psychiatrist CAN...I believe prescribe Seboxone right? Why she didn't, I have no idea. Do I need to address this with her? We are running out of time and can he quit cold turkey from 15 mg if needed or are we in big trouble.....

Is it best to go with Seboxone or cold turkey?? Please help and sorry for such a long letter.....


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