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Hi everyone that is tuned in today. I am Rose and a perc addict and starting detox today.

I tapered down to 4 1/4 a day (10/325mg each) for a few days and decided to just say...well you know...let's get on with it and get it over with.

I took 1 10 mg pill this morning and sneezed and had such a runny nose and am achey so i finally took a 1/4 pill, which ofcourse stopped the w/d symptoms. I thought about stopping cold turkey on Monday 2/8 but i will have to take care of my two big dogs by myself for 4 days plus my birthday is the ninth and i don't want to spend it all on the sofa.

So am starting today on a Thursday afternoon--going to get my supplies from the Thomas Recipe this morning and going for it. That way, I can feel the worst today and tomorrow, and have my husband to take care of the dogs this weekend, cook, housework, etc. I don't work, am on disability, and the house is clean and I just have some laundry to do and I can do that this morning. By Monday, the worst symptoms will have passed and I'll just be depressed with terrible blahhhs, no energy, depression. L Tyrosene helps a lot with that, but I read that it also blocks other amino's, so i am going to drink protein shakes that have all the amino's too. Hopefully this will help to even things out.

I also have the added pain reliever tramadol, which i know from this board is highly addictive, but have been on prn for 6 years with no problems-I just take it as prescribed or less. (I filled my last rx in October) I also have valium which someday I will taper down more...but that is another story.

I need to get off of them and not get the next refill and "just take them as needed." What a joke. No refills and I'm telling my doc not to refill them.

[B]So...why do i want to quit?[/B]

Lots of reasons, mostly the inability to have a healthy bowel movement unless i take miralax, stool softeners and use an occasional enema.

Difficulty achieving orgasm and I really love sex, so this is a great motivator.

Sick of it. I am going to be 49 years old. I am too old for this @#$%. I think what if my kids knew? They would lose so much respect for me. What if my parents knew? and I feel like such a loser living like this.

Oh yeah...liver damage....from all the tylenol in the I drink which is a big no-no.

Sick and tired of having to have pills with me when i go places and take them every few hours or experiencing w/d. Bondage.

So if you are still with me, after this long post...hang with me each day as I go through this. I need all the support I can get.

Thanks. Peace. and to all who are detoxing...keep the faith...we'll make it through. And to those who need to detox, maybe this will help you. And to those who have made it to the other side and are clean, may this be a reminder to you of how much addiction to pain meds suck.


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