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hey guys and ladies ,
well im on a weekend pass from rehab and feel great. Im 3 weeks clean from opiates and benzos.. I started in detox for 6 days as they prescribed tranziene for benzos and subutex for opiate withdrawls. I took 8 mg 2x a day for 2 days, then went to 4mg 2x a day for 2 days then 2mg 2x a day for 2 days, then nothing and my withdrawls were not bad at all, considering how much and long i was taking these meds. im now in a PHP program and got 2 more weeks to go . Doctor still has me on a small dose of suboxone, like 2 mgs a day, but i really dont take it unless i have too. i have went a couple days without it to see how i would feel, and no withdrawls at all, it was the cravings that was killing me so doc says suboxone will take the cravings away.
I have meet a great bunch of people in rehab and continue keeping in contact with many people. I still feel a litle bit foggy at times but know everyday is getting better for me.ive spoken with alot of people about opiate addiction and alot of people say it takes months sometimes to feel normal again and a few say nup to a year. WOW i hope nit doesnt take me tha long. but i do know a great number of people who are off of opiates that are scared of thm now and would never ever go back to that way of living again and im one of them, even though its stil early im on my way.
Rehab was great for me and i wouldnt have it any other way, i see alot of people here asking about suboxone and all i can say is that the quicker you get off of it the better, do a rapid taper like me and maybe stay on a very low dosage for a cople of weeks to rid the cravings, but the sooner the better in my opinion, alawys ask your doc.
i will keep everyone posted and if you have questions i will answer the best i can. im on a journey to live pill free come join me... wish everyone the best, AND IM PRAYING FOR ALL WHO SUFFER FROM ADDICTION ON THIS BOARD

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