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On the other hand, if you have been using too long and too much to achieve the detox in 2-3 days, you can be stablized on a low dose of methadone and transfered to an outpatient clinic in the same 2-3 days - usually they have contracts with outpatient clinics in the area with agreements to send them people at doses of between 30 and 50 mg. of methadose hydracloride (methadose is a liquid form of methadone in a syrup with 30mg per ml

Those are the two choices insurance offers people with narcotic addiction issues in these days of deflation, creeping sale of the nation to China, and a social security, Medicare and Medicail system which are not paid for after 2017

20 years ago they detoxed you over 14-5 days in the hospital on low doses of methadone and then spent another week helping you get continuing assistance as an outpatient since then the money for Medicare, and thus, all other insurance except self pay, has been cut to nothing as the nation cannot afford the current drug epidemics spanning baby boomers and generation Xers and younger people -- mainly it is a pharmaceutical addiction spiral and 2 out of 7 adults over 17 are addicted to one or substances such as nicotine, tranquilizers, ambien, pain pills with synthetic narcotics in them, and people still smoke and snort and shoot heroin which is very cheap as well as methadone pills give by camcer doctors to terminal patients

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