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:wave:Hi there.

I apologize for taking forever to get back here but my doc threw me into the hospital that lil stinker. :dizzy:

I hope that you are feeling bit better each day and know you can and will gets there. I have not been addicted but I was once a crisis counselor who granted did not work in a rehab setting but did see quite a few beautiful souls who were in the grip of addiction.

I also on pain management for Lupus, MS, and stroke like migraines (that started after my brain surgery) and can relate to my body being dependent on the meds.

Anyways...on to going in more detail...

1) Clonidine is a blood pressure medicine that does a lot of things (as you listed in a recent post). I have known people who were RX'd it to help ease some WD symptoms such as feeling of want crawl out of skin, restless legs, anxiety and help sleep.

I take it for BP 3 times a day as needed for BP spikes. I have never had any WD symptoms from not taking it...ever. But we are all different so keep that in mind.

Why did your doc RX it few months ago? Before taking it I would call your doc. and see. I can tell you that the DOSE for treating opiate WD is much different than the dose for blood pressure. So please make sure. Take TOO much and your BP can bottom out with in 20-30 minutes as it is a fast acting drug thus excellent to get a patients BP down quickly. So be careful ok?

2) Potassium: Yes, if our bodies are depleted of potassium it can cramp our legs. Potassium levels will usually stay level in a person unless they are unable to keep food and liquids in (especially if having diarrhea) or if they are exercising at a moderate to high level. That said there are certain health conditions that affect K levels as well, for example Conns syndrome which I have.

Foods/drinks that are good sources of Potassium: banana, watermelon, potato skin, cantaloupe, orange juice, tomatoes, lima beans, certain fish, chicken and other lean meats. Of course there is gatorade, power aid, pedialyte pops (I always keep these in stock), and the vitamin waters tend to have some in it as well.

There ARE plenty of powders, pills, vitamins on the market with Potassium in them and I am not against using them as long as you have asked your doc and they are not concerned and/or they run a blood test to check your levels.

This is esp. important if you have health conditions such as I do like lupus, MS, Conns syndrome...etc...

I take 8 RX'ed K tabs a day on top of trying to get it through drinks and smoothies. I used to have to take 16 a day but they fixed my Conns syndrome the best they can and my levels are much better. All of it under close care of my doctors.

Ugh ok my home nurse just got here so I gotta end for now. This post is way toooooooooooo long anyways.:dizzy:

Hope it has helped if even a little...if have questions please ask and I do my best get back on.


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