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There are several posters who say suboxone makes their life bearable but they all seem to say they wish they hadn't started on suboxone or started at a lower dose. I was doing some research for my ex-wife who had her 100mcg fentanyl patches dc'd after a dirty urine. From what i had read online it seemed certain she'd have to go to detox- she
claims her doctor told her she might go into cardiac arrest when fentanyl withdrawal started. She's been off the patch about 2 weeks- didn't go to detox- but she's really miserable- never has any energy and often has what she terms "the heebie jeebies".
She's prescribed xanax but went through that a few days after the last patch. She was prescribed 2mg a day but took well more than that for a few days- I think she has fentanyl and xanax withdrawal now but she refuses to go to detox or a hospital.
On week-ends she and her husband are probably doing crack- not a lot because he doesn't make much money but I don't see a good end for her. I can't get her to go in for help and her family won't have anything to do with her. She only has medicaid for medical coverage so I'm not even sure they would pay for suboxone if she found a doctor to prescribe it. One place I called said the Doctor would see her but wanted
$300 cash- second visit it drops to $150 or less but I can't bail her out again. I've spent thousands on her and her husband over the past 7 years but instead of seeing it as help
to get on their own they treated it as getting over on me. So anything I give them now is just enabling. I don't expect anyone to have an answer to this problem. Just venting here.

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