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I haven't been taking benzos that long, but in the past I really abused pain meds and ended up going on suboxone to help get off of them. I have a horribly addictive personality and can tell this not going in a good direction at all. RIght now I have rx's for ativan and xanax. My life was SO much better when I was pill free and I'm headed down that addiction road again. I'm wondering if suboxone works the same way for benzos? Thanks ~
No, unfortunatly not.

You would be better swapping the xanax and ativan for a milder, longer acting benzo such as Libruim, and then tapering the dose down.

If you dont feel you could do this at home, it can be done over a period of a few days in hospital.

Why were you prescribed the benzos? I would go back to the doctor who prescribed them, and be totaly honest with him, and ask for some help.
I deal with depression and anxiety, although the depression has been under control for several months thanks to Parnate, and my own self-motivation. Much of the anxiety results from PTSD issues - I've come a long way in that regard but still need benzos to help sometimes. My original rx was (and still is) Ativan, but about a week ago I had a pretty bad panic attack and the Ativan wasn't helping at all so I went to urgent care for help (mostly b/c I couldn't breathe) and they helped me out there. However, when I left the doc gave me an rx for 60 1mg Xanax. I told him that I already have an Ativan rx but he said I should fill this one too in case something like that happens again.

Given my very addictive personality I should have just never filled the rx in the first place, but of course I did anyway. And then I decided to take a couple one day to see how "calming" they could be and ended up taking them everyday up until today. I had already started to feel withdrawals during the day if more than like 6 hours went by without taking any. So I decided to stop. I know how much the suboxone helped not only with withdrawals from painkillers but also with the cravings and so that's why I was wondering if it worked the same with benzos.

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