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I have never posted any thing to a forum before so forgive me if I say something wrong. I just need some advice, I have nowhere else to go and this site has people who might perhaps relate. I am prescribed Norco for headaches due to a head injury. When I have a headache the Norcos save me. It is that or the hospital and sometimes both.

I am 53 and I have been taking hydrocodone for 15+ years and have abused (taking it for something other than a headache) it sporadically but have never taken it as much as I I have recently. I have been under an enormous amount of stress and I am scared I am getting addicted to it. My doctor upped my prescription to Norco recently because we were worried about the acetaminophen levels but it certainly makes it easier to abuse.

I take 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 (never more) Norco 3 to 5 days a week. I will take 3 1/2 pills and then sometimes I will take 1 or 2 more later on. I have just started doing this in the last few weeks. If I do not take any Norco I do not feel bad, maybe just a little uncomfortable and that has been happening just recently. If I've decided not to take the Norco on any given day, I don't. Not even to alleviate that little edge I have been feeling when I don't take any. I can't decide if I have a real problem at this point but I don't think taking an opiate to lessen my stress level or give me a boost is a good idea.

I have always been careful but I am so very worried and would like some outside input. I also take Wellbutin and Lexapro for depression and Triliptal (an anti-seizure drug) to control my headaches to some extent. When I take the Norco I always sleep too long and wake up pretty depressed. It IS a depressant after all so no great mystery there. The fact that it depresses me has kept me from ever taking it on a day to day basis but I am beginning to now. Not all of the time but enough to make me stop and think. I have an unlimited supply and my husband travels so flushing is out of the question. I can always get lots more and I need access to it if my husband is not home and I have one of the headaches. There is really no one who can stand in for him when he is away.

I know this has been a long post but I really need some input from someone who knows something about this. Please, please tell me what you think and what you think I should do. I would be forever grateful. And thank you for listening.
Hello my friend, I too am new--been getting great help from this Board, especially reading Ice, Wendy and Reach posts. They are fabulous people and their words are helping me. I'm a 5 year now full-blown Norco addict, and, while I cannot give the best advice to you, it sounds like your worries about the Norco are a sign that trouble is brewing, especially when I hear "stress and norco" in the same sentence. How you doing today? Keep me posted. I'm trying like heck to get off these things, yet scared of rehab for several reasons. I'm thinking about you and feel your "pain."

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