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Hi. I was prescribed Vicodin for nerve pain (I had been popping Advil like crazy and was worried about the effect of that). My dr. had no problem giving me Vicodin for the pain except he was worried about me injuring myself further because I'd overdue because I couldn't feel the pain. I was on it for several months overall. In the meantime, I've been on xanax. My crazy dr. prescribes 3 a day (don't know why, I think he's crazy). I do not take three a day. Maybe 1 to 1 1/2, sometimes not even that. Mostly at work. After surgery, the neuro prescribed Norco. Is Norco more addicting than Vicodin??? I was feeling better, so little by little I stopped taking both and had plenty of pills left afterwards. I evenually used them all, ocassionally if I had a toothache or something. Vicodin did not seem to help with headaches very well. I was afraid to be taking those. I take Ambien for sleep, but my primary says that isn't that bad if I end up with a good rest.

Good luck and as Dr. Phil would say "You cannot fix what you don't acknowledge". I'm concerned at times about the xanax. He makes it so easy for me to get. I have tons of pills left over and still go get another refill just in case. He writes a new prescription every three months. I do deal with anxiety, especially at work.

Thanks and hope all turns out well.

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