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Hey Drouser,

Now Let me start this by saying I'm not a Doctor, but I do know a fair amount about psychology and addiction, and it sounds like you're having a bit of difficulty with both. The problem with someone such as yourself, who seems to have both depression as well as an addiction to drugs is that both are entangled to the point that it comes down to being a singular problem. Or to use an analogy, Its like having an open wound that's infected. You can stitch the wound closed, but doing so will only bury the infection which is going to just fester under the skin, eventually to surface worse then it began with. Or you could just clean the wound and leave it open to maybe heal on its own, or maybe just become infected again and be back to where you started, with an open infected wound. Just trying to fix one or the other isnt going to fix the anything.

Its only going to be when you adress both problems that you are going to find any sort of real help. It might help you to know that you arent alone in the way that you are feeling right now. I can pretty much guarantee you that if you were to ask everyone who has an issue with addiction that you would find out that about 90% of the people had some sorrow, anger, or other situation that they just felt unable to deal with, so they used drugs or alcohol to bury the problem and drive it out their mind so that consciously they no longer had any problem in the world. The thing is, no matter how deep you bury something it always seems to pop back up.

What I'm getting at here is that you may (and almost certainly do) have a problem with addiction to opiates. The real difficulty is that you are also likely suffering from some big time depression, and any decent doctor or addiction specialist is going to tell you that without treating both problems one of them is just going to drive you back to the point you started at. What you're saying right now isnt that unusual actually with addicts its more usual then you would believe. Anyway, let me end this harangue by just saying this......With a situation such as yours trying to do things all on your own is likely just not going to work. Sometimes you got to ask for that helping hand and take it and grab it when it is offered. You just need to know that at times trying to do things all on your own just isnt gonna work.

Just dont stop looking and trying to find a way out. Its worth it,


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