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Well......going cold turkey from that amount will definitely be hard!! 180 - 210 mgs of Oxy is nothing to sneeze at! Is there any way you can taper yourself off of them?? I don't know how to correctly taper.....but to do it with the least amount of withdrawal I'd say cut back by 10mgs or so every 5 days...if you have the pills to do it. Otherwise it's tough, but do-able---I wish you the best of luck!! Even if you can taper to less of an amount first before going cold turkey, I'd do it---the less amount taken daily will lessen the WD's by that much more.

Keep posting here-----writing does help!!
Hey Kasey!

Welcome to the board! I agree with the PP. Is there any way you can taper versus quitting Cold Turkey? That is a high dose to drop off of and I think the w/d would be pretty intense and therefor the odds of relapsing could be higher. HOWEVER, there are some people who have pulled this off and I COMMEND THEM! I personally have always tried to taper. However, I have gone thru Cold Turkey a few times but not by choice. For me, tapering works much better because the memories of cold turkey w/d are ones I hold close to keep me sober.

Sometimes I think that memory is the most helpful and that is why a lot of people will say GO FOR the CT because it kind of teaches you a lesson of what not to do again. So........ really, the choice is yours and I am so glad to hear your boyfriend will be right by your side along the way. Support is KEY! I have been thru w/d a few times where I had to hide it and it was horrible pretending I had the worst flu in the world and I would have killed to have had some support! So good for you. That is great.

Please update us and know we are here for you. YOU CAN DO THIS. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!


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