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Hey Kasey!

Welcome to the board! I agree with the PP. Is there any way you can taper versus quitting Cold Turkey? That is a high dose to drop off of and I think the w/d would be pretty intense and therefor the odds of relapsing could be higher. HOWEVER, there are some people who have pulled this off and I COMMEND THEM! I personally have always tried to taper. However, I have gone thru Cold Turkey a few times but not by choice. For me, tapering works much better because the memories of cold turkey w/d are ones I hold close to keep me sober.

Sometimes I think that memory is the most helpful and that is why a lot of people will say GO FOR the CT because it kind of teaches you a lesson of what not to do again. So........ really, the choice is yours and I am so glad to hear your boyfriend will be right by your side along the way. Support is KEY! I have been thru w/d a few times where I had to hide it and it was horrible pretending I had the worst flu in the world and I would have killed to have had some support! So good for you. That is great.

Please update us and know we are here for you. YOU CAN DO THIS. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

hi kacey, i to am and was a percocet lover for 7yrs and went to rehab and relapshed that was 3yrs ago, then i went to the rapid detox in florida and wow it was almost painless to say the least but expensive but unfortunately i relapsed again 3mth later and after awhile i was introduced to oxys..(1st of all i was taking between 25-30 perc a day back then)oxys became my best friend for a yr then last week i decided to end it all and stop, i was ready, i dont think i was ready before but something is different this time, i am so ready, so what i did was i did a "at home detox", i stoped the oxys completely and took percocet when if felt withdrawals then i decided to change my choice of drug cause percs got me in trouble in the first place so a friend gave me some morphine which i do not like to get me through last wk and slowly reducing is working for life doesnt centre around drugs anymore, i have no cravings nor do i even want to take anything but i know that withdrawing is not fun, i did it once cold turkey and i would die first before i would do that again, but for me this tapering is working for me, i am almost done and feeling very excited but also very aware of that little devil on my shoulder as well , but u have to want to quit to be successful for you and you only and your body will tell u when u r ready, well aleast mine did, one morning i woke up and thought thats it i am so done with drugs, it consumed my life everyday, everyminute, horriable, but i dont get that anymore, i kinda feel free now already, what a feeling of joy but i know enough that relpase is also very easy and can happen so fast, but being aware and having a good support is all up to u kacey, hey if i can do it anyone in the world can do it...wishing the best of luck and will be thinking of u..let me know how your doing...

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