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I was prescribed Ultram by my doc a couple years ago for Migraines, after I told him no to Darvocet and Lortab due to their narcotic background. He told me they were non-addictive and had no physical dependancy issues. I don't have drug seeking behaviors at all, I've just had the run-around with pain meds trying to deal with my headaches and then getting shot in the foot with physical dependance when I want to stop taking them.

Anyway - fast forward 2 years, and trying to quit 5-10 times throughout the year, I can tell you that the doc was totally misinformed. Withdrawals are worse than any opiate withdrawal I've faced in the past, otherwise I'd be off them by now. I know everyone is different, some people say Ultram withdraw is nothing compared to real opiates, but that's not the case for me. Vic and lortab withdraw were heaven compared to this.

Anyhow, I refused to refill my perscription, and it's now day 3 since I've been off Ultram - and it's getting really difficult. I just spoke with my friend who is in Medical school and he told me that getting off Ultram is easy - you just substitute it with hydrocodone/oxycodon or any other opiate receptor binding drug for the duration of the withdrawals (3-7 days), and then stop and your basically past the hardest part of the detox. He said they do this all the time with Narcotic abusers trying to quit (they give them Ultram instead for 3-7 days, so backwards of my situation).

He gave me 10 percocet 5mg, and said to take 1/2 every 8 hours and I should feel minimal withdrawals for the next few days, and by the time I'm out of them I will be past the worst part and it should be easy sailing. I took my first half a couple hours ago and within 10 minutes of taking it, 90% of the Withdraw symptoms went away. I was incredibly happy to say the least - but then doubt set in.

Is this too good to be true or was my friend misinformed? Has anyone tried doing this? Will the physical withdrawals really be gone after I'm done, or am I basically just taking an Ultram substitue so once I'm out of these the withdrawals will start all over from day 1?

Ahhh - mind is racing with questions! Can someone shed some light on this?

Edit - oh he also gave me some 5-htp and l-tyrosine and said it would help level my energy and seratonin levels for the time being, as well as double up on a multivitamin, lots of water, and fish oil.

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