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[QUOTE=ozzybug;4221783]I have to ask though, why do you say you are sure you are addicted? Are you taking more than prescribed? Or, are you taking them as directed for your legitimate pain issues?

Thank you for the response. Well, I know that if I run low my anxiety goes up dramatically. I have taken pills not for the pain, but to create a good all around feeling. I have taken more than prescribed at a few times

I ran out completely once for 4 days and I was very ill with vomiting, sleeplessness, etc. just like other describe here. My wife got on the phone, called my doctor and told him to refill my prescription asap. He had no idea since his office takes care of these things.

My main issues are when I wake up and sleeping. That is when my pain level is severe. I need the Norco in the morning just to be able to walk without a limp. So I know that I need them at times, but maybe not as much as I take.

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