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Tom- It sounds like you really do have major pain issues, and I'm so sorry to hear about that.

I have to ask though, why do you say you are sure you are addicted? Are you taking more than prescribed? Or, are you taking them as directed for your legitimate pain issues?

I ask these questions because many people do not understand that there is addiction and there is dependance. They are two totally different things you know?

Dependance is a natural occurance when you have been on medications for a long period of time. Your body will naturally become dependant on those meds and if you were to stop taking them abruptly, your body would go through withdraw. This would happen with Motrin or asprin if you took them daily for an extended period of time and stopped taking them abruptly as well.

Addiction is a totally different thing that involves unhealthy behaviors wherein an addict will abuse the medications, and not take them as prescribed by their doctor. This is self medicating. A person who is addicted to a substance will continue to abuse their drug of choice even when they know that it can and will cause harm to their body. There are also psychological factors that play in to actual addiction.

If you are taking your meds as directed by your doctor, are not taking more than prescribed and are taking them only to help reduce your pain so that you can lead some kind of a normal life, then chances are your body is dependant on the meds, but you are not addicted.

If however, you say you know you are addicted because you abuse your meds, then it's good that you realize you have a problem and have spoken with your doctor. By the way, did he explain the difference between addiction & dependance to you? I mean, in my humble opinion, if he thought that you really are addicted to the Norco, it would be unethical for him to continue to prescribe them unless he was doing it for a taper to get you off of them.

Also, if you are addicted you doctor can put you on a slow taper from the Norco so that any withdraw symptoms will be lessened. It won't be totally smooth sailing, but a slow taper monitored by a knowlegable doctor can be done with less discomfort.

Hope this helps. Please take care & have a great day!

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