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I'm sorry for your family, this is a tough one.

Mixing alcohol with any of those meds is a dangerous and it's by pure luck he isn't dead. Not only can he go to sleep and not wake back up because the mixture can make you stop breathing but the alcohol is a depressant so he's making himself more depressed which probably causes him to drink again to numb the pain. That is a lot of beers a day...I'm on a similar cocktail of medications and my PsyD told me it's like a death wish, I'm playing with fire when I drink any alcohol at all.

Can you get him help, he desperately needs some intervention. His wife is right to very concerned.

Is it the same Dr who prescribed him all those meds? Obviously the Dr doesn't know about the alcohol intake. His wife should call the Dr to discuss it with him and see what the next step should be.

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