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hi all!:wave:
sorry i havent posted for a while... been working part time and trying to pack etc for my exciting move for the new job.
So i've been sober for 8 days after doing a good 5 or so day taper from 10 pers a day to 0...
i got a TERRIBLE stomach flu abut a week ago right around when i fished my taper and was so ill i think i got out of me all the pill badness cause after that passed, (it was awful for 24 hours -in which i also injured my back tripping on my cat and falling, remember i have degenerative disk disease so falling is never good!). stomach flu is over, but back is a wreck and i have to start packing nightmare!
yesterday and today i had to take a few pills because the pain was just too much. But i tried to be more proactive and find a better solution than relying on only pills! I'm very proud of myself. i never did this before. In order to not have to solely rely on pills like i use to in the past, i went and got steroids injected in my back. i'll know if it worked in another day. but i have been very careful with the pills i do have. I didnt take any extras to get high. it;s easier cause i associate them with my stomach flu for some reason, so the idea of them makes me queasy.
i know im on an ify path taking anyy pills at all so early, but i am (for real) a chronic pain patient so it's tough... but im proud of myself so far. today i wont take any pills regardless. i'll take advul i refuse to get in a cycle of taking them everyday. absolutely refuse.
My fiance is on the same path as me. So this time we are being good supports. It's been lovely waking up and not being hung over or feel cloudy. And i have lots of friends who want to hang out before i leave town and it's so great to have energy to go out at night and laugh and have fun i wouldnt trade it for the world right now.
i hope everyone is well. please think good thoughts that these shots work. i kind of need them to as i need some pain blocking assistance to help me for moving.. packing a box when u cant bend is terrible!!! ....and am very proud (since i am deathly afraid of needles in my back) that i tried an alternate source rather than just use it as an excuse to take pills. trust me, it was a tough choice, but i really feel good about this and am happy i was able to control the ones i had to use. it was difficult.
thanks for listening!

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