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do you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself? or your issues with percocet? if you can give some more details more people can give you some great advice as to how to help get things under control. until then, read the stories on this board. they are really helpful. some are quite inspiring.
take care!
I think the general questions are
How many you take
How long you've taken them
Do you take them for pleasure or for pain (or both)
Have you tried to quite before
Do you have any support, friends, family, Dr's?
This is all I can think of right now but I sure some more experienced people will reply. You just sounded like you really wanted to talk and I wanted you to know that I'm listening.

Thanks so much replying. You are on day 8th!!! That is great. Keep on going.How are you doing it cold turkey? Because I am so serious about this,why did you not try to taper? When I make the decision,will you or the people on this forum be here? Are they walking you through this. Can I help you, and then you help me? Please respond.
Young- It all depends on what you feel is going to work best for you. If you have already tapered down to just 2 pills a day, you have come a very long way on your own. You should be very proud of yourself because many, MANY people just do not have the discipline it takes to do a self taper.

Now, you can talk with your doctor and have him help wean you down from the two a day. Doctors know that people become addicted to meds. even though they are good people you know? They see this more often than you think. Most doctors are very compassionate when a patient comes to them with this kind of problem and are glad for the honesty, therefore willing to help.

My hubby quit two different substances cold turkey and it was hard for him, but I am proud to say he has been free of them (One was alcohol) for many, MANY years.

Take care, and best of luck whichever way you decide to see this through.
I know that many people are opposed to it, but methadone has worked for my family member, amazingly well. Hes been clean a year, and is now weaning off if it. Its been a lifesaver, literally. No more "dope sick" days. Its just an option, there are also suboxone clinics, I also hear people on this site talking about weaning off opiates, but that never worked for him. NA meetings may be of some help to you. Admiting you have a problem is really the biggest step. I wish you well, I know it isnt easy whatever road you choose, but I also know, that it is possible and within your grasp. good luck to you!

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