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I just found this site. I am addicted to percocet's and want help. Please respond.
do you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself? or your issues with percocet? if you can give some more details more people can give you some great advice as to how to help get things under control. until then, read the stories on this board. they are really helpful. some are quite inspiring.
take care!
I am not sure what you want to know. I will be honest in all my answers,if someone would ask me questions. I guess this is going like being in the room's of recovery. I am a recovering alcoholic. Clean in that area going on 3 years. Please ask!!
I think the general questions are
How many you take
How long you've taken them
Do you take them for pleasure or for pain (or both)
Have you tried to quite before
Do you have any support, friends, family, Dr's?
This is all I can think of right now but I sure some more experienced people will reply. You just sounded like you really wanted to talk and I wanted you to know that I'm listening.

Thanks for the reply. I take 10mg perc.qid. I take them for chron's disease. I have never tried to quit before. Unfortuantly, the side effects of quiting are the same effects the meds help me with. I do enjoy the opiate high also. I did not take one this am,other than pain from my abcess/fistula, I am ok. I would love to go take 1/2 but I want to see what is going to happen. When will the detox symptoms begin???? I am a little scared. No, really scared.
Thanks Hedi. I am begining to ache,just a little. I have a feeling this is not going to be easy.
sorry, i spelled your name wrong,Heidi.
I know how u feel, I was a everyday user for two years, and today I am on my 8th day without taking anything, its hard, but my w/d's are tolerable, I'm doin it cold turkey, I been readin peoples storys for two months now, and I realized that I gotta quit now , I can't lie, wit all my stress, I be cravin for pill everyday, and what keeps me motivated and its the only motivation, is that if I take one I will just have 2 go through these painful w/d's all over again, and I made it too far, so when u do stop, use benadryl if u can't sleep, and pepto bismo for diahrrea, u only hav one life, goodluck, godbless
Thanks so much replying. You are on day 8th!!! That is great. Keep on going.How are you doing it cold turkey? Because I am so serious about this,why did you not try to taper? When I make the decision,will you or the people on this forum be here? Are they walking you through this. Can I help you, and then you help me? Please respond.
In late 2004 I was in rehab w/a Percocet addict and her treatment was the same as for me. I was seriously addicted to Norcos 10/325, and taking 15-20 at a time was nothing. But the w/drawls made me attempt suicide. Twice. It was here on healthboards that I saw a chat about Suboxone. I called rehab places until I found one that used it. It saved my life. Literally. It's an orange pill you melt under your tongue, and in 5-10 minutes, it stops the withdrawls, kills the cravings, and has a built in sabotage medicine so you don't get tempted. My Dr. told me about this heroin addict new to Suboxone, and he blew $200 on heroin for nothing...the naloxone nullifies the effects of opiates. It's pretty much impossible to OD on it...taking more won't make any difference (I've tried, of course). I've been on maintenance now for 5 years, and though I don't need 8 mg anymore, just that tiny 2mg pill twice a day is my safety net. I don't know why any rehab facility just lets ppl just lay there writhing and suffering horribly when there's a 21st century drug that is a God-send. To me that's torture. It doesn't teach a lesson, it makes addicts think they can never overcome it. Methadone is old school, doesn't address the true cause, and can be abused. I saw on the Dr.'s TV show yesterday a teenage boy going through w/d's and thought: "This is cruel and unusual punishment". It takes our brains about a year to return to normal levels, and of course he didn't make it. It's so obvious it's not in our willpower to resist the urges. Without Suboxone, there was nothing I wouldn't have done and no low I wouldn't have stooped to to get my drug of choice. Subutex just went generic for those w/o insurance, and though it's pricey, it's way cheaper than getting high. Or paying bail. Or probation. Any opiate addict: Suboxone is THE way to go. No w/d's, no cravings, no crashing, and mostly, a lifeline of hope b/c when you're fighting addiction, all the scare tactics, guilt trips, tears, and best intentions and ultimatums won't work. Life feels like it's not worth living. You feel helpless and worthless. Having them ask you to "tough out" the withdrawls and then voila, you're cured is b.s. Your brain chemicals need time to recover from all the time you artifically stimulated it...around a year or two. Take it from a former opiate addict...Suboxone is the cure. I think all rehabs should be required to use it. Good luck, and I surely hope you find a Dr. (you don't have to go to rehab to get it, just a certified Dr....a private office visit once a month). I'm sure they have a website and a list of participating Dr's. You can quit and not suffer at all. That's the miracle that's Suboxone. :angel:
Yes I'm 10days off, and I'm proud, its a true fight, but how idid it cold turkey is cuzz I'm too damn broke, and two outta 3 of my connects stop gettn em, so I don't wanna struggle to find them on top off spending my last few dollars on just a few, I use to pay 7bucks a pill, and if u can afford it unlike me, ask docters for suboxone, its heps if u can't do it cold turkey. Any other questions, I'm here to help.
How are you doing today Young? I just wanted to pop in and say Hi. I, like the other poster, am also 10 days clean. It feels great. Better than any high I've ever experienced. I still have some mental cravings but I just get up and do something else and deal with it. Keep up the fight cuz you are worth it. Also keep us posted, you don't have to do this alone.
Take care!

Thank you so much. I think I mentioned that I have been free from the deathly grips of alcohol for over 2 years. In the last treatment center,and now way too pricey for me, the patients detoxing from drugs did suffer. Why is that? I was treated way too nice,compared to them. It was almost as though,it was ok to be a drunk,but not a drug abuser. I did have a long(16) days of hard detoxing,but looking back,they looked worse. I am too embarassed to tell my family doc. He and the staff are so proud of me. The old doc that I see for pain meds is not who I see for routine things. Would he help me? Heck, how do I go about this??? Suboxone?? How or when do I get off that??? I am not sure if I mentioned that I am in a flare of chron's disease. No remission for over 1 year. I have got to decide very soon if I am willing to return to a colostomy bag forever. This is complicated you see. I am addicted to perc's and no surgeon will rx me for anything stronger. What a mess I have made. I cannot tell anyone yet. God, if you knew me,you would never think I am addicted to pills. I go this friday for my perc rx. I could ask him,I guess. Please stay with me here. I will continue to ck and see if you will respond again. May God bless you for helping a stranger. I will, in time,after this, help others! Mary Lynn
Is young my name here?? I know you won't believe it, I was rather well educated at one point. Now, I can't type,spell or think!!!!
Mary Lynn,
I understand what you are saying about the stereo-type for different addictions. But the bottom line is that we all want to quit something that is destroying our life. We should ALL get the same kind of support regardless of what we use. I hope you can talk to your Dr. and are able to find the right way to quit that works for you.

Take care,
My biggest question right this min is.....Do I go to the doc next Friday,to taper or do it cold turkey?????????I am scared,down to 2 percs a day now!! My body wants 5-6 10mg.
Young- It all depends on what you feel is going to work best for you. If you have already tapered down to just 2 pills a day, you have come a very long way on your own. You should be very proud of yourself because many, MANY people just do not have the discipline it takes to do a self taper.

Now, you can talk with your doctor and have him help wean you down from the two a day. Doctors know that people become addicted to meds. even though they are good people you know? They see this more often than you think. Most doctors are very compassionate when a patient comes to them with this kind of problem and are glad for the honesty, therefore willing to help.

My hubby quit two different substances cold turkey and it was hard for him, but I am proud to say he has been free of them (One was alcohol) for many, MANY years.

Take care, and best of luck whichever way you decide to see this through.
hi young50s!
question for you - have u found that going off the pain meds has caused a flare u of your Crohn's? Going off perc has always given me stomach "issues"!
regardless u should be really proud of your tapering. it's so hard. I'm trying to quit percocets as well... started off taking them for two pain disorders (back and migraines) and because addicted to them/ abusing them.
but Dr's know that this can happen, whether intentional or not. I think it's ok to talk to your doctor about this stuff. These things happen when u are on a med like this for a while... they understand that. You are being really strong for trying to take charge and change the direction/ what you are not liking in your life. you should feel really good about your progress. :)
Is anyone still there?. I made it 24 hours. The shakes and diareah sp? started. Took a half.Better. I told my sister. She wants me to go to her family doc. and come clean. What can he do???? I only have 1 1/2 perc's left. help! Mary lynn
You don't have to go to a rehab place to get on Suboxone. My last Dr. was a family physician who I saw once a month. You don't have to suffer the withdrawls, "disappear" for a month, etc. I was taking Hydros like it was candy. 6,000mg a day was no problem...just the $ and availability. Go to the website, and they'll have Dr.'s listed. Private. Nonjudgemental. Usu. they give you some on the spot to make sure there's no reaction (you gotta be in the early stages of w/drawl, but only that very first visit). I promise you I tried weaning, cold turkey, you name it...but only Suboxone killed the fiend in me. I'd be dead or doing the lowest of the low if you know what I mean if it weren't for this med b/c I couldn't handle how long the w/d's lasted...and even then, the depression and cravings and urge to self-medicate.
I know that many people are opposed to it, but methadone has worked for my family member, amazingly well. Hes been clean a year, and is now weaning off if it. Its been a lifesaver, literally. No more "dope sick" days. Its just an option, there are also suboxone clinics, I also hear people on this site talking about weaning off opiates, but that never worked for him. NA meetings may be of some help to you. Admiting you have a problem is really the biggest step. I wish you well, I know it isnt easy whatever road you choose, but I also know, that it is possible and within your grasp. good luck to you!
also, Suboxone, I would agree, is a better choice, we just couldnt keep up with the cost (no Ins) but he did have good results with it as well.
I think there was a mix up. I was commenting to the person addicted to percocets. All I can say is that 6 yrs ago, when I'd been to the local "rehab" like 5 times, and tried weaning and all that crap, that right here on HealthBoards is where I found out about Suboxone. I had to drive over 100 miles to get to the Dr., and pay out of pocket, but I didn't care. Instantly I felt better b/c now I never had to face those horrid withdrawls. It was so bad for me once that I hung myself. So when I say Suboxone saved my life, I mean it literally and figuratively. It gave me hope. Took away the fear I'd never be cured of being a dope fiend, etc. Never did I think that as a total non-drinker, non-drug person that I'd get hooked on painkillers in my mid 30's. Today I've graduated to Subutex, and found a closer Dr., and as for all these ppl worried about Suboxone w/d's, yes, there are a few, but only if you haven't weaned like you're supposed to. My Dr. made me do it, and once I had no choice b/c I had to wait to get the $ for the Rx, so I was down to crumbs, but they are very mild. Negligible if you wean very slowly. But you gotta give your brain time to heal from all the years of artificial stimulation. I'm on maintenance doses...I take 2mg-4mg in the morning, though I'm allowed up to 8, and 2 at bedtime. No big deal. I highly recommed it b/c it provided stability to me...a safety net.
How do I get off suboxone?? Thanks for being here for me!
Thank you so much. I must get clean. Another reason to stop is because I need another colon surgery soon.
Hope I can find a doc soon!
you taper off suboxone, under a Doctors care. When you are ready.

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