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hey Wendy my gal! ok, i see things got edited so I will be careful what I post! i seem to be cursed on this board! Anyhoo, I am still going along, steady as can be. Last "use" date was 8 days ago!! As I mentioned, I had had ENOUGH; my pill consumption was at an all-time high (no pun intended) and I did alot of soul searching. I had already had an assessment done at a large hospital in-patient rehab-type deal. And I freaked out. My sister and I cried and cried and she begged me to go in but I refused, avoiding quitting by saying I was too busy with work and life to stop. Hah! kind of a joke as my life had become ruled by pills and obsessive, crazy, pill-counting and intake. So, after telling my loved ones I would "check-in" to rehab by the july 4th holiday, I was in full-on panic-mode. Boy was I a mess in between that time. So, I began lurking around the edges of something else - being treated intensively by an addiction specialist and monitored on Suboxone. ANd then, after running out for what seemed to be the umpteenth time and being in full-on anxiety, heart-wrenching fear, I called this psychiatrist WHo admonisters the suboxone. And, contrary to what some in this recovery world may think or believe, this is my PATH to revovery and CHANCE at getting my life back. I had to be in mild wd's when I saw her. And, gal, let me tell you, I was indeed at the lowest of my low. My boyfriend took me. Without going into all the details, I was ready to recover from the madness.

So, I began my induction. ANd, to my surprise, my wd's ceased and, for the first time in years, Imy head un-fogged and I saw a LIGHT. I am strictly following the method and it is working for me. This is my path to recovery as I could not do it cold-turkey and would relapse within 3 days max.

This has, truly, given me a clean slate by which I can start dealing with life again without the pill-chasing roller coaster of H on earth.

I am so happy to be back here (as long as I'm allowed to talk about this path to recovery!)

I never tell anyone how to get off the pills; wonderful people have many different ways and my thought is, whatever path allows you to be free of the overwhwlming and life-destroying addiction. I chose the suboxone route as it is what is working and right for me.

I feel human again; like before Norco consumed my life. I was up to 20 pills a day, which would have knocked most non-using folks to their knees or worse, I don't even lke to admit it bu it's ok; I am on the road to recovery and "normalcy."

Please let me know if you've had any experience with this treatment for addiction. I cannot say enough about how solid I feel . Please know that I've been thinking alot about you, wendy, as well as others on this board who are strong, wonderful human beings. I wish everyone luck in fighting the demons.

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