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Hey all I'm an avid reader here but not a big poster. I been using this board for years since I have had a drug problem for approx. 5 years (half that time on suboxone lol). Starting w/ vicoden/norco in highschool then upon graduating I was introduced to oxycontin and it's been downhill since then. Was spending every dollar I got on OCs then started smoking black tar. Anyway, I started suboxone treatment 2.5 years ago! Never thought I'd be on them that long, I was just always to lazy to make the effort to stop. I finally got my act together and made the jump; my last dose was about 5 days 12 hours ago. I thought I'd post my experience for any others about to go thru this experience.

Suprisingly, this turned out to be a very smooth detox; not too bad at all. Nothing compared to the heroin/oxy withdrawls. I was really expecting the worst b/c I read alot of horror stories about sub detox "being harder than full opioid agonists" but I found this to be quite false, atleast in my case. I realize everyone is different.

I had very few physical w/ds from the subs. I had one single instance of the runs and some tiny aches. The worst was definately the mental aspect. By this I mean a general feeling of lethargy. Very low energy/motivation. I found, and am still finding, myself laying on the couch more often than normal. Plan on not being very social for about a week but it does get better. I found my w/ds to peak at day 3 then my body quickly came on the rebound. I can feel significant improvement each day since then. Definately one of the worst things for me was the difficulty sleeping. It's nearly impossible for me to sleep more than 4 hours at a time right now. But it also is improving each night. Night 3 I think I slept like 3 sporadic hours, night 4 I probably got 4-5 sporadic hours, and last night probably the same but less sporadic. I just find myself waking up super early and not being able to fall asleep again. I'm doing pretty good tho.

My doc started me at 16mg/day (2 pills). I found this to be grossly excessive once I started tapering. I was able to taper down to 2-3mg/day very quickly w/ no feelings of w/d. I found 2mg to act as well as the 16mg. It was once I dipped under 2mg/day that I felt it. But towards the end I took 1mg/day for 2 weeks than 0.5mg/day for another 2 weeks than approx 0.3mg/day for the last 3 days (all I had left). A slow taper is very effective but I'm a big believer that diet and exercise makes the recovery much easier. For the past 6 months or so I been eating very good to prep my body for detox. Think about it, if you set your body up before hand by eating well and exercising, it'll be that much more efficient in detoxing and recovering. I ate lots of fruits/veggies every day and tried to stick to lean meats like fish, pork, chicken. Also got my grains w/ those 90 second brown rice packages. Another thing I had in my favor was my age... I'm 23 (24 in a month) so I'm sure that helped as well.

My advice:
-Taper down very low to crumbs per day.
-Take care of your body by eating and exercising well before you make the jump.
-Make sure you don't have any extra subs; although it wasn't too bad, I can't help but feel I would've taken some sub on those sleepless nights but luckily I was all out.
-Stay positive. It feels great to get to this point after 2 and a half years on those things. I'm starting to feel shades of normalcy again... slowly but surely

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