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Hey Cowpin,

Welcome :) Suboxone is a drug, mostly used for dependency to opiates and heroin. I was addicted to Percocet and Oxycontin for four years and eventually started Suboxone therapy. It changed my life in the following ways...

I no longer had to "find" pills.
I did not suffer and withdrawal at all.
I became myself again, 100% the same as before I took that first Percocet.
I no longer rely on pills to function.
I do not crave opiates - I don't think of them at all.

I have been clean for over a year and a half now, thanks to Suboxone. Some people will argue that a person is not clean if they are on Suboxone, however it's a personal opinion. I am clean and I am very proud to be clean. Without Suboxone, I can guarantee that I'd still be using. Hands down. I was the type to relapse whenever "anything" negative happened in my life. I just could not stop taking them. My days were consumed with "Do I have enough?, Gotta make that call and find some pills., Where will I get money today?, What am I gonna do tomorrow?" etc.

How long have you been abusing percocet? It doesn't matter if you use 6-8 pills a day, or 100 pills a day. The choice to start Suboxone depends on your lifestyle and your addiction to the pills.

Making the decision to start Sub is a very delicate one. It is not a drug for just anyone. You'll have to find a Sub doctor, be completely honest about your addiction (if not, then you can't base everything on fact and that's not a good way to start your recovery), then collectively, you and the doctor can set out a plan for you. Now whether that means starting Sub or tapering off percocet, will depend on you and the doctor.

Just keep in mind that everyone is different. Suboxone was the right choice for me, however it may not be for you. I've read posts from people where Sub worked well for them, and also from people who genuinely regret ever starting Suboxone therapy. Again, everyone is different.

Keep in touch, and I wish you lots of luck.


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