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You are switching from one drug to another. You will eventually crave suboxone if you do not come off of it fast! i made the mistake of getting on suboxone and listening to the Dr. prescribing it. He says you can stay on for as long as you want until you are ready to come off! Ya as he charges 300 a visit and 300 for the prescription each month. I had a bad norco habit, I was taking 5 at a time every few hours. Then switched to OC and I was at 4 80's ED when I switched to Sub. Now If I would have done my research I would have switched to sub and only stayed on a month or 2 max! i would have looked into tapering off using the liquid suboxone method because breaking a 8mg pill into 1/8 for 1mg is hard and 1/16 is impossible! You need to taper off this stuff about 25% every 4 days because it will stay in your system for 3 days. that is why a lot of people dont have withdrawls 2 days after but they will about 3-4 days after! I couldnt go 1 day without cravng suboxone, I started calling my guy that had OC to see if he had suboxone! The point being do your research before getting on it and taper off as fast as possible!

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