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I am a 41-year-old male who has had numerous surgeries all from weightlifting injuries. To make a long story short, I was taking Percocet for the last 12 months and became addicted to them. I went to a Rapid Detox Hospital 2-weeks ago for 4 days and I no longer use any painkillers AT ALL!!! I also have no desire nor craving for Percocet anymore. I will NEVER take a painkiller again. [B]MY QUESTION IS THIS:[/B] I now take a medication called Naltrexone since leaving the Rapid Detox Hospital. Can anyone please tell me of their own experience with Naltrexone? How long did you take it, what dosage, side effects, did it help you, etc...? But I would especially like to know how many weeks or months you had to take it. This question is only for people that have taken Naltrexone due to a previous drug or alcohol addiction. NOT for fibromyalgia or pain problems.
[B]Thank You, Cowpin8[/B]
hey, no problem CP. i just know some of the ins and outs of narcan and has also never heard of this being used for anything BUT the standard reversal of a narcotics OD. you got my curiosity way up the CP, lol. but i DID see where they have this now as "revia'(i think that was the name i found?) for pain?? thats a new one on me too. it was alot of really interewsting info i never knew, so YOU helped educate ME here too, lol.

its just one of those very specific meds that DO have potential consequences when other meds(any narcotics) would/could have to be used without patient consent. and anytime you have THAT goin on, you just DO need to wear the old medic alert tag somewhere? the chances of being given narcotics is just much higher if anything should ever happen to someone on this med than i would think just about any other, if a person simply cannot advocate for themselves for whatever real reason? just way too many potential scenerios there that 'could" indicate the need for pain relief?

i am glad you are now off of it, really. it just sounded pretty impactful on the liver(among other potential issues), esp when drinking any alcohol too? kind of like combining tylenol and alcohol just is only becasue those two things just happen to share the very same enzyme in the liver to even metabolize both things? it depletes that ONE badly needed enzyme for both to even 'work' much more quickly, and thats when cell damage occurs.

i do hope things continue to go well for you CP, really. things will 'feel' a bit differently inside your head once the narcan clears your system, and that just IS when you seriously need to be very very watchful/careful about the potential choices, and 'triggers" you make, and just can feel from there on out? like i mentioned above, getting to some good NA mettings really WILL help with your continued transistion here, mostly since without going thru the really needed self discovery that is just what goes on during any good treatment program, you kind of tend to bypass alot about truely finding out underlying 'whys' of how you actually even became addicted in the first place? and THATS something that you just very much DO NEED to find out(or you face a higher risk of relapse). and going to the NA meetings can really help with THAT part, trust me. plus you need to make some NEW friends who now share your being clean, who you can actually trust and who will simply have your back from here too? and getting a good sponser with alot of sobriety under his belt really IS a crucial thing for YOU too. someone who you can call on day of night should you EVER feel tempted? that can and does work/help CP, trust me on that one. is there ANY type of actual ongoing aftercare with this form of detox or nothing?

anyways, good luck CP,and do check out your local NA chapter, i just seriously feel this, esp in your case, is something VERY much needed? thay ARE there to actually help you with this stuff, not hurt you, just always keep that in mind, K? Marcia

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