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Hi sweetie:
Sadly I agree with the others who say he is dying. I don't mean to sound harsh or scare you, but I witnessed my brother do this exact same thing. What killed him was less than half of a beer. He went into a coma for three days, and died. It's a very sad thing to see, and something I have to live with for the rest of my life. He was only 35 at the time and I was only 25. I am now 50.
My advice to you, if he is unwilling to get help, is to LEAVE THE SITUATION. You do not have to LOVE him to death. By staying and enabling him that is exactly what you are doing. I don't know what the Canadian laws are, but we tried to commit my brother (I am the baby of 7), and it did not happen!! He actually went into four comas, and each time he was given Last Rites. The doctors were amazed that he pulled out of three of those, because they said he would never make it. But his liver was so damaged, he couldn't tolerate the toxins of the alcohol. Less than half of a beer killed him.
Something you HAVE to understand is that HE is making these poor life choices, not you! And if he is refusing help, then leave the situation. It may be the "rock bottom" that he needs to see what he's losing. If not, you have to KNOW it's NOT your FAULT.

I will say some prayers for you and both of your families. God Bless you in this terribly trying time.

That sounds alot like my husband years ago. He would go for days not eating just drinking Vodka, & Gin. We have been together 25 yrs. now and he is still alive only by the Grace of GOD. He has been thru several rehabs and none of them worked for very long. Mine also walked funny for yrs. He even walked wide-legged because that's the only way he could walk at the time. He would hold onto the walls or even crawl sometimes. He had seizures when he would run out of money for his alcohol, and those scared me to death, He had several for years. Then he progressed to Whiskey ! Now he is using a 4 wheeled walker when he can walk at all that is. Through the years the Drs. have told me many times that he would not make it out of the hospital and to call the family in, I did at first but then I stopped because he makes it out everytime... It means they don't know how long they'll live because everyone is different I have also met other women that are in their 20s who have their husbands on life support because of the alcohol. It's really sad to sit there and just watch them waste away. My husband is almost 60 now. He is a very lucky man to have lived so long with his drinking problems. I hope this helps you some. I will be Praying for your husband, and may GOD Bless you and yours.

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