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If you really want to get clean and stay clean, you gotta flush those babies and you need to tell that doctor that you are addicted to vicodin and not to give you anymore. And tell any pain mgmt doc the same. Just do it. You are playing a game and you won't win til you have no way to get the pills. And tramadol/ultrams are addictive too just so you know. I didn't know until I checked on this board and it's not even considered a narcotic. I have chronic pain too. I called the doc today and was honest about it and told them not to give me anymore. I feel so free and relieved and proud of myself. It was so hard to do in the past and I kept relapsing because i would give in and get the refills. I was so worried that I would need them for my pain and i didn't want to not have any access for pain relief. I am tapering now, I don't have to go cold turkey. I have a blog. keep up the good work and take that next step. If i can do it, you can too. And you will feel really good about yourself.

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