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Quick update as I'm getting no responses :(

I'm taking 30mg per day now by taking approx 5mg every 3-4 hours. My reasoning is that 5mg doesn't give me any type of "high" at all, it just makes me feel less sick. I think this is important. I feel crappy but it's tolerable. Since I'm crushing oxycontin it's REALLY difficult to get exact dosages, but my plan is to extend the time between doses to 5 hours, 6 etc. Today is better than yesterday so I'm hopeful that I can reduce my daily dose by 5mg every couple of days. Since the weekend is coming up, I may try to reduce by 10mg or so and just suffer through the weekend, then stay semi-stable through the week next week and try to cold turkey on a Friday.

I've had moments where I've seriously considered asking a Doctor for help. I'm not THAT embarrassed so it's not that holding me back, but I don't want to ask for anything like suboxone or methadone unless I absolutely have to.

Due to anxiety, I have a bottomless prescription for ativan which I'm using to sleep (I still wake up in the middle of the night really restless to take a dose).
okay so reasoning for your day 1 walk in the park... simply because you probably still have enough of the oxy in your system to keep you feeling not too bad... as the days go and so do the oxys, the worse the withdrawls will be..... understand? as the oxys go out of your system you will feel worse.. yes 72 hours is the timeline of it getting out of your system but ... being someone that was also addicted to the oxys, and have gone through it time and time again i will give you MY advice and you can chose what you would like to do with it....... IF... you can do it "cold turkey" all the power to you , but i dont know anything about your situation : like how many mgs you have been using or how long you have been addicted to them.. i will give you my experience... Last october i found myself in a complete disaster and landed myself in jail ( lets just say because of the oxys) i ended up being in jail for 31 days before i got out on bail... i did my last 40 , 20 minutes before i got arrested.. so my night in the holding cell wasnt soo bad, the next day i spent the day in court and was transported to the jail.. by the time i got there i was feeling the withdrawls a little more. i went to sleep for the night and by morning i was a mess.. i dont need to explain the withdrawls because you already know what they are .. the jail gave me a cocktail to help with the withdrawls (immodium, gravol, and something else to help with the restlessness .. i cant remember what it was called) they gave that to me for 14 days, by then .. it was over.... HOWEVER it was only the PHYSICAL part of it that was over..i still thought about it all day every day... by the time i got out (31 days later) i wasnt thinkin about it as much and i promised myself i WAS NOT GOING TO DO IT.... at day 45 . i ran into an old friend... they offered.... i took... put myself right back into the hell i had finally just gotten myself out of ( i should tell yu that before my arrest i was taking anything from 5 to 6 80s a day or more.. whatever i could get.... so i tried going to N.A. , addictions outreach, whatever addictions services i could find and even though i was able to tapper myself back i couldnt get past the last 20 mgs or so. even though i hated what i was doing i just couldnt stop.... SO , i ended up going on to Methadone, i take 85 mgs a day and have been off of the oxys since march. i finally feel NORMAL again!! so, MY ADVICE TO YOU IS, think of your situation.. how addicted are you? if you DO quit cold turkey do you think that you have the self control to keep yourself from going back? Because there is alot more to an addiction than actually doing a drug! And i know what some people probably think about Methadone, its just a substitute for another drug, but from someone who is on it , would you rather be jamming pills up your nose or however you take them , trying to come up with money or ways to get another pill a couple times a day, trying to find someone to get them from etc (whatever your situation is) why not atleast take a trip to a clinic and talk to a DOCTOR who KNOWS more about it than any of us do, ( trust me it will be worth it) even if you decide not to go onto the methadone or suboxone they might be able to offer you more supports to help you through it !! You asked in one of your posts if you can even go on methadone at such a low mg intake and someone replied that you have to have it in your system to be accepted onto the program, not true, the will give you a urine test , yes and even though you might not have any in your system at the time if you could.. would you?Plus you will also have to do blood work before going on the program. Im sure that when you talk to the doctor and explain your situation , they would be more than willing to help. the difference in your situation with such a low intake is that methadone might not be right for you because it is intended for people who take more and have a harder time getting off them (like me) so Suboxone might be the right choice for you ... they would simply put you onto the suboxone and taper you off of it. Im not trying to tell you what to do, im simply trying to give you insight and options ,so please dont mistake i said it is up to you what you decide to do with this.. Somehow this ended up being more like a novel (sorry) i hope it helped !
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