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schao so sorry you have to do the cold turkey thing. I understand suboxene does not relieve the withdrawls but supposedly makes it more tolerable. the jury is still out on that. Nothing will completely eliminate your misery but some meds can help with some side effects. Methadone at just enough amounts and than tapering off right away with methadone is the most civil . Methadone was actually invented in Germany around the World wars to help heroin addicts get off of it. Methadone is addicting also as it is an opiate. but it is unique
When I was told to go off for a while the Doc gave me phenergan,clonidine and valium. all having their specialtys. valium is good at calming seizures along with xanax. Clonidine is good for the crazy High Blood Pressure , restless leg or body syndrome andgood for mellowing. Phenergan is great for the tummy and also relaxes ..Immodium you figure out on you own..I had the pill form and it worked fine. A patch is slow release over several hours.
Once again nothing really helps 100 percent except for methadone. I know the withdrawls get so bad you just don't want to move from the bed but than the restless legs drive you nuts. thankfully the meds do help with side affects. they used to say vitamin C was good for heroin addicts. I would imagine all vitamins are good..Potassium would also help against the kicking legs. After 4 days to a week you should be close to recover. The last week is for getting strength back. Hopefully you have people around you who are not judgemental and don't act as if it is nothing ..I find there are lots of people who have not have to endure chronic pain, and drug withdrawl. If you can live with the pain you are better off trying to but there are many who cannot. I describe some of my pain as having to go thru a high fever every day where your body aches. Not to forget the more sharper pains.
I had heard that subonx. wasn't addicting and so it was a wonder drug. God bless and if you need some more friendly encouragement don't hesitate.

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