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[CENTER][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hello everybody… :wave:I am new here Just wanted to introduce myself & tell my story as I begin my road to recovery. I am a Certified Nurses Assistant & “use to work" @ a Nursing home. That was until I had a horse accident on June 7th. I was bucked off my quarter horse & ended up being knocked unconscious. We live out in the country so I laid in a ditch until a neighbor lady who lived about a mile down the gravel road drove by & saw me. She called 9-1-1 & told me not to move until the ambulance came strapped me to a board & gave me O2 as my body was going into shock. They rushed me to the nearest hospital where I tried telling the ER doc my whole right side was all messed up because every time I went to stand up I “went to sleep” passed out. I couldn‘t walk & my hip hurt very bad. ER Dr. did x-rays & told me I broke 5 metacarpals in my right hand but other than that I just had “abrasions” & would be very sore. I was put on vicodin for pain. I was taking (2) 5-500’s every 4 hours. I was referred to an orthopedic for my after care once the swelling went down they put a cast on my right hand. After 6 weeks the cast was removed x-rays taken still not healed up as much as it should have been so a new cast was put on and another follow-up visit was scheduled. At that time I was still limping I c/o hip pain & demanded an x-ray at my ortho appt. the ortho did an x-ray & an MRI or u/s of my right hip & detected a hip fracture (which the ER missed) By now my cast was removed from my hand & I was put on crutches & given percocet. I had started to feel a little better over time as far as pain wise & cut back on the percocet. This is when I started to feel really crappy; where my whole body ached; I felt nauseas, had diarrhea, no appetite, & at first thought I had the flu until I felt like I was crawling out of my skin, very high anxiety, couldn’t sleep, hands were shaking & so on. :eek: At my next follow up appt. I told my Dr. how I was feeling but c/o right foot pain. & sure enough a “stress fracture” was found in my rt foot. D/c’d the percocet but given more vicodin & a walking cam for my foot. About 6 weeks ago I woke up @ 3:30 a.m. in extreme pain in my outer right hip. I went into ER where I was diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis :dizzy: I was given a RX for more vicodin & Naproxen Sodium & told to follow up with my dr. I made an appt. I “was told & thought that I was scheduled today for a ”cortisone injection Well; when I went into my appointment I never got a cortisone injection but my Dr. said she will refill my vicodin & added Tramadol which is generic for Ultracet. I was also referred back to an orthopedic dr. (They will be calling me to schedule that appointment) She told me I have to start tapering off the Vicodin or I may end up in rehab. If I couldn’t “cut back” When I went to fill the Tramadol/Ultracet the pharmacist told me that this medication may interfere with my Paxil I take for depression (something about effecting the serotonin levels) & to watch for side effects. I gave my last refill of 60 count pills to my husband & asked him to help me monitor how often I take then & to help me wean/taper off them because when I have them in my purse it is too easy to take them & not pay attention to what time it is or how often I take 2 at a time each day! What scares me most is the anxiety I know I will feel. Oh & I have also been taking remeron, alprazolam/xanax & clonzopin for the past 4 years for anxiety when I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety & panic disorder. I am also aware of how addicting benzos are because when I was pregnant I was suppose to get off them & quick. So I know what anxiety & panic attacks do to a person. My main question is… :confused: What is the best way & how do I taper & wean off this nasty drug that helped me so much in the beginning but is now being my worst nightmare? Also what do you know about Tramadol & Paxil as I have yet to take the Tramadol? & I want to get back to work asap but am very afraid. Sorry this ended up being so long & Any positive encouragement & advice would be greatly appreciated. [/FONT][/CENTER]

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