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I have been on Suboxone for 4 months now.I have Fibromyalgia and Spinal Stenosis and developed Hyperalgesia from 8 years of opiate use. I had to increase my dosage of opiates over the years to where I was taking 120mg of oxy's and 60mg of morphine. Hyperalgesia is where the pain meds were actually causing me pain. Switch my PM doc because he never told me of this. So I went to a new PM doctor who gave me Suboxone. His plan was to wean me off in 8 weeks. But I went on a website where everyone was doing this fast taper plan reducing 25% every 4-5 days. At the time I was using the pill version and the Suboxone is not evenly distributed so when I cut the pills I was not getting a uniform dose each time I took the drug.. When I hit .75mg I was in excruciating pain and was told from other sources I did this too fast. The brain has to acclimate and heal as you taper. I also had a strange reaction to the Subs always getting pain on my right side whenever I took it.This happened throughout the whole treatment. It is crazy. The first doctor did not care and treated me like an addict. I got physically dependent on opiate because of my pain but not an addict. Needed to detox to see where my true pain level was.He never addressed this weird pain issue and I fired him because of comments he made to me. So I went back to my old PM doctor who totally understood and said he could have done this for me. If only I had known but he was the one who kept prescribing the pain meds and I did not know he RX's Subs.
So a little background. Now to answer your question every doctor has their own concept on how to taper. Some want you on it for a year while others want you on it 4 months and others a quick taper. I know in my case I had to do this completely different because of this quirky thing I have with the pain on my right side. I now take the film version which is fantastic. It is evenly distributed and I can cut it easily to whatever dose I need. I had to go back up to 4mg cutting the 2mg film into 1mg doses. Taking 1mg 4x a day. My doctor says whatever I have to do that works for me. Stayed on that for 4 weeks then went down to 3 mgs dosing 3x a day. Stayed on that for 2 weeks. And now I am on 2mg dosing .50mg 4x a day. I feel less pain from the subs doing it this way but also feel my Fibro and spinal stenosis.It is sort of in the background if you know what I mean. I am getting an injection for my back this Monday. My doc believes in using this as a pain med if need be. I feel so good since I started the Suboxone as far as being CLEAR OF MIND and not numb. Just have to get passed how I react to this drug. I don't want to go back on opiates. I hopefully can continue this taper. [B]Lyrica was the key for me[/B]. Even though I get a reaction from that to. Got so loopy and off balance. Finally after 1 1/2 months getting use to it. Great for the w/d's and nerve pain. I am very sensitive to all drugs. Probably have CSS(centrilized sensitivity syndrome) due to the Fibro. Also using a muscle relaxer and xanax for sleep.
So if your using the Suboxone because you got caught up in taking opiates for whatever reason I think it is important to stay on each dose for a while but I think a year is overdoing it. It also depends on how long you have been using. Your receptors need to heal if you have been on opiates a long time like myself. But if you have PAIN ISSUES then that is a different story. There has to be a plan to deal with your issues if and when you come off the Subs.
I think that they really do not know fully how to use this drug and what all the side effects are yet. I have heard about 15% of people are allergic to it and need to switch to Subutex. And then there is my case which I have been in touch with the Suboxone people and supposedly they are documenting my case. They say no one else has had this reaction that I am having.
[B]BTW there is a coupon for the film version for up to $75 every month until March. Just google suboxone coupon.[/B]
Hope this helped. Sorry so long.
Have a great day

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