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Look for a doctor who uses SUBOXONE. I know several people who were injured and became addicted to vicodin, it's very common. Suboxone is a drug that tapers you down from the vicodin but it cannot be abused. It's safe and effective. Check it out, see if it's something you're interested and good luck you can do this :)
I totally agree with a lot of what you said Alldone, however, when you say having strong willpower and self discipline then you can go cold turkey. That is the part I disagree with. It's almost like saying, hey you have a kidney stone, there is medication to help but if you just have strong willpower and self discipline then you can get through it without the help of medication. The medication is out there to help with the withdrawals so you can be of sound mind to start treatment on an outpatient basis. Not everyone needs inpatient but I agree that some ppl do. If the medication is there and won't make you high, takes away the withdrawal and cravings and keeps you from using because if you do while on Sub it won't even do anything then why not try the medication. It's up to you Hun and to each their own, I just know that Sub has saved my life and returned me to the person I was before I started using and in doing so, I was able to go to outpatient treatment to learn why I got addicted and relaspe prevention. I still go to meetings because I love them so much and it's nice to talk to ppl who truly understand and I don't feel so alone in this fight. I know we all agree on something, you can do this and I know it. Some of us were so deep in the hole of addiction that it seemed like it was a lost cause to even try to get clean but we did and I know you can as well.

Remember it's one day at a time, one hour at s time, one minute at a time and sometimes one second at a time but you can do this. *hugs* Linds

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