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Hows it goin Recovery2008? Your story realy hits home, I can completey relate. I never was into drugs and only drank occansionaly. When I was 24 I had to have knee surgery and then had it again six months later. For me it was a bad time to get introduced to pain killers because of what I was going through emotionally and mentaly. Which was my wife had been having an affair on me, and I had been with her since we weir 14, so anyways not only did I figure out wow these perscriptions don't make me physically hurt but they also make me feel ok mentally and I can cope with everything I am going through with this stuff. Same as you started of with the suggested dose. Then it progressed into finding out other people I knew where taking opiates, so I started getting them from other people. Same as you started stealing them from my mom, and giving her excuses why I needed them. I got diagnosed with diverticulitis (stomach issue) which caused abdomenal pain, in which I exaggerated the pain. When really it is something I can deal with without pain meds. Anyways the usage progressed into I was taking what I called a cocktail which is Vic's, Muscler Relaxers and Valium, and I was taking a lot daily and I mean a lot. Just like you I got to the point of shame. It sucks how bad this stuff takes you away from the person you actually are. I know you don't feel like anything other then pills can bring real happines, but I PROMISE you things can go back to the way they where. You can feel normal again. Those are some of the key things to remember when going through a withdrawl (things can only get better), and even though you will feel depressed and life sucks, your gonna have to stuff in your brain that all the mental and physical hurt from withdrawl will go away. If you have a strong willpower and self discipline then you might be able to quit cold turkey, but if you realy honest wanna stop and don't think you can by yourself, then you should check yourself into somewhere for about a month. Only you know what you are capable and not capable of, so just be honest with yourself. I personaly have quit numerous times and everytime it is cold turkey, so if you go that route and want feedback on what to expect just let me know. I'm sorry you have to go through this and I hope you the best and I PROMISE PROMISE if you quit, a month from now you will feel like a new person.

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