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I am new to all of this. I had a very bad problem with percocet and darvocet. I was taking up to 100mg of percocet per day and, if I didn't have the percocet I would take the darvocet...which stopped me from withdrawing. Well, I finally got sick of it and went to a rehab Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. I took 20mg of Methadone the first full day (I told them I wanted the least possible - they were going to give me 30mgs), 15 the next, 10, then 5, then I left on Monday (of this week). Monday and Tuesday were pretty yucky...anxiety heaven. I smoked some weed both Mon and Tues to help with the symptoms. Yesterday I went back to work and took 1 darvocet in the morning and nothing else (I know they have taken it off the market - I have just a few left that I hope to flush). Today I took nothing. At any rate, my sleeping has been abslutely horrible. The last 2 nights I probably got 4 hours total. I tried to take nighttime sinus medicine and it didn't help. Last night I threw up a few times and felt weird. Today my stomache is KILLING me and I am a bit achy. The mind fuzzies are better, but the anxiety is killing me. I already take Prozac for anxiety but this is making me so jumpy. Any ideas of what to do to deal with the anxiety and loss of sleep? I must say I am very proud of myself as I am 1 week without perc's. But I am in need of some help with what to do for the "after effects".

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