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Im new to this site and what Ive read has really helped me knowing that others are going through the exact same thing I am going through. Let me just say that I have been on and off of either Vicodin or Norco for a couple year. I could stop when I felt like it but I had mild withdrawals in those times, nothing like im going through this time around. I had knee surgery a while back so thats why i initially got them. Anyways, I quit Norco and Vicodin for good a few months back but than tragedy after tragedy after tragedy happened in my family in a matter of 3 weeks so I figured I could numb the pain with these Norco. I was taking about 8-10 10/325 a day for 2 1/2 months. I knew it was wrong and wanted to get off of them, but I liked the relief of stress it gave me.

I havn't taken them for 4 days now or 96 hours and my withdrawls have gotten better. I was really bad the first couple days with diarhea, sweats, vomiting, body aches, really bad depression etc. Now Im just feeling congestion in my sinus's and I havnt slept in 4 days. I have Ambien but that only works for a few hours because of the body aches. The worste part for me though is I feel I let my wife and 2 year old daughter down. The first couple of withdrawal days I would just burst into tears because I couldnt take the mental pain of letting down my beautiful 2 year old daughter and my amazing loving and supportive wife. My depression on this gets beter day by day, but after all this i wrote my question is, will the depression go away like the other symptoms slowly have?

I was a college athlete and A very happy person and just a victim of stupidity and thinking numbing my inner pain through pills was going to help.
You are doing fine Marc. Yes your depression will go away, but you have to work on it and change yoru thought patterns. From talking to doctors and doing some research, there is some evidence that the brain can heal itself from opiate abuse, It just takes time for the receptors to start working on their own again. I know the depression can be awful, but it is only temporary. You are close to day 5 and it will get better as the days go by.
Thank you Music Man. Ya its gotten better each day with all the symptoms. Im taking my multi vitamins again AM and PM ones and I hope those help. Also some Ibuprofen to help the body aches and Ambien to help me sleep. Once Im done with ALL the withdrawals, i will kick the Ambien again.
You could also try adding some Percogesic with the ibuprofen (2 tabs 4 times a day is the usual dose) - read the label and see if you think its appropriate for you. Combining it with ibuprofen goves added pain releif, but because they asre totaly different drugs, is usualy safe. They also have a calming relaxing effect because of the antihistamine sedative agent in them.
Thanks jonnstar. Today is now the 5th day for me and I feel a lot better. Just getting over my sinus crap but i still can't sleep w/o taking an ambien. I used to just be able to take 1 and be good till next morning but with my slight body aches still, i wake up about 4 hours later and need to take another one. Im pretty sure thats temporary, but it just is annoying right now. I just want a good natural no pills necessary night of sleep.
hey guys. Just wanted to let you know my status. it is now 7 days exactly that i last took a Norco and I feel much better. Right now the slight depression I think is still the main symptom I have. But, when I get out of the house and do things with my family, it becomes way better. Im just starting to sleep better because the ambien is actually working now and my restless legs are almost gone but my back still kind of hurts. Im heating healthy again and doing a lot of walking and i jogged once. I read a lot of places that said exercise was the #1 thing that helps with the WD's. How long will the slight depression last? Thats my biggest worry.


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