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Im new to this site and what Ive read has really helped me knowing that others are going through the exact same thing I am going through. Let me just say that I have been on and off of either Vicodin or Norco for a couple year. I could stop when I felt like it but I had mild withdrawals in those times, nothing like im going through this time around. I had knee surgery a while back so thats why i initially got them. Anyways, I quit Norco and Vicodin for good a few months back but than tragedy after tragedy after tragedy happened in my family in a matter of 3 weeks so I figured I could numb the pain with these Norco. I was taking about 8-10 10/325 a day for 2 1/2 months. I knew it was wrong and wanted to get off of them, but I liked the relief of stress it gave me.

I havn't taken them for 4 days now or 96 hours and my withdrawls have gotten better. I was really bad the first couple days with diarhea, sweats, vomiting, body aches, really bad depression etc. Now Im just feeling congestion in my sinus's and I havnt slept in 4 days. I have Ambien but that only works for a few hours because of the body aches. The worste part for me though is I feel I let my wife and 2 year old daughter down. The first couple of withdrawal days I would just burst into tears because I couldnt take the mental pain of letting down my beautiful 2 year old daughter and my amazing loving and supportive wife. My depression on this gets beter day by day, but after all this i wrote my question is, will the depression go away like the other symptoms slowly have?

I was a college athlete and A very happy person and just a victim of stupidity and thinking numbing my inner pain through pills was going to help.

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