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Hi Erika,
First off, congratulations on your accomplishment! Beating addiction is no easy feat! I understand your fear of falling back into addiction, and can tell you that opiate addiction is an awful hell to llive through. My husband has been a pain pill addict for over 8 years and has been sober now just over two months thanks to a wonderful program called suboxone. My husbands addiction originated from injuries he sustain during 15 years of rodeo. His habit spiraled into 300 dollars a day, to the point where he was stealing, lying, destroying his body etc. etc. But at the end of the day he really did have CHRONIC PAIN and needed medication, but his tolerance was so high, no doctor could legally prescribe him enough to control his pain. He has had six surgeries this year alone (three of them were back surgeries). I finally stumbled onto the miracle drug (suboxone) while researching methadone clinics in my area. This is what i know about suboxone from my own experience, and a little bit of research. Suboxone has been used as a pain medicine in Europe for over 10 years, but has just recently been approved by the FDA (in 2002 to be exact). In addition to being used as a pain medicine, it is also used to treat opiate addiction (how I came to know it). Unlike percs, vics, oxys, etc. it does not produce a euphoric high effect and it does not cause the up and down highs and lows of traditional narcotics. Though it is rather new in the states, many doctors (including my husbands) believe, and are advocating for it to be the main pain medicine used for those with chorinic pain. It can be used long term, and doses can be lowered as pain gets better, or lessens. From my understanding, it can also be prescribed ongoing, if needed. Doctors must be certified to prescribe it, so not all docs. can write for it. As new as it is, I'm not even sure that all doctors are aware of it's existence. If you think this may be a good alternative for you from strong narcotics, talk to your doc about it. < edited > Keep in my that some doctors only prescribe it as a solution to opiate addiction, so when you are researching docs, make sure you specify that you are not wanting to treat an addiction, but find an alternative for your chronic pain. My husband has not only been relieved from the life of an addict, but the suboxone really does help his pain as well. I hope this helps!!

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