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Im sorry I've taken so long to post back. Thank you all for responding. Im still hurting but worked yesterday and im pretty miserable today. I really want to try to stay off the pills but I admit im a wimp. The low back pain makes me hunch over and the leg pain makes me limp. I literally CANNOT find a doctor who will see me with insurance. This last doctor did everything.

I have an appt this Wed to establish new patient with a male doc but they don't do chronic pain. You have to find a pain mgmt place in the next city over and its quite a drive.

Corissa, I know what it looks and sounds like that's why im so upset. Of course I'm addicted I've been on pain meds for many years. So here is my secret- I filed bankruptcy. I know a doctor can't drop you for that (she knew everything about me) but she works for a big hospital and I owed them for all my famiy members. My doctor let me bill my co-pays so when I filed for some reason they were not added. Total $120 after I filed I called her office to make appt but was told they couldn't and said I had to call their billing dept. I did and asked what I needed to do. I was told nothing and that was it. I begged to pay bill and they kept telling me no. Of course, again I was very upset. I sat down and wrote a very professional letter to my doctor (I sent it personal and confidential) I was sure she was unaware of what was going on. I thanked her and asked for referrals and asked if she could at least write all my prescriptions to get me through the next couple of months.
A few days later I got a call from her office and was told to come by and pay my balance, sign a few papers and pick up my refills. I was so thankful!!!
One of the papers was a drug contract and I didn't think anything of it. I didn't doctor shop. But what I did do was go to Walmart instead of my grocery pharmacy because of the hours and it was one day early. I said, sure call and verify with my doctor. If I thought there was any chance of this outcome. I would have NEVER put myself in this position.

Btw, got standard typed letter in mail saying sorry and good luck. I could be totally wrong but I think its money and making people go to pain clinics that can charge anything and say no to insurance.

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